Firearm lessons

For those who want to learn one skill at a time, on a time crunch, or just have that “one thing” you need help with to take your shooting to the next level. We offer “à-la carte” skill builder training, and you can select any of our lessons listed below so you can hone in your skill of choice. All lessons include a safety brief and dry fire practice to ensure the student
can fully grasp the concepts being taught. Each session is 30 minutes of education for $35 including the lane rental.

How can you benefit from a 30 minute lesson? Our lessons focus all attention on one skill to not overwhelm the student with multiple techniques in one sitting. This makes it easier for the student to retain, and repeat the skill practiced in the future thereby encouraging their growth and improvement as a shooter.

Basic Level
Must to know for all responsible gun owners and family members firearms handling safety rules that were formulated over many decades of guns owning in society, must have lesson that save life!
Most important basic fundamental skill that gives you power to handle and constantly hit the target in recreational or self-defense situations.
Trigger pull
You can’t master the handgun even on basic level if you don’t know the proper trigger pull technique that have paramount influence on all other skills.
Aiming is milestone of shooting you should know how to aim in right way to hit the target accordingly and constantly, doesn’t matter of distance.
Handgun precision / Accuracy
Precision is the key handgun skill! If you can’t place your hits in a 3-inch group at 10 yards while in comfortable range your chances to defend your life with exact shot placement are extremely low when protecting yourself of your loved ones.
Intemediate level
Speed reloading
Mag change is next skill that you should learn after you master basic skills, especially if your handgun mag capacity is less than 10-12 rounds or less.
Malfunction clearing
Stuff happens, and you should know how to deal with it and back to game ASAP. We will give you fast, easy, and clear algorithms of dealing with various stoppages that will keeps you in.
Controlled paris
If the target requires a hit it deserves two! We will tell you how to do it fast and easy.
Rapid fire
Sometimes zombies are hard to drop…you should send towards them as many bullets as required and as fast as possible and keep them in 3-4-inch group…Ask yourself could you do it now?
Strong / Week hand shooting
You should be able to survive doesn’t matter what and hit a target with one hand only, because you can hold your loved ones or couldn’t perform normal skills with wounded hand.
Predators usually do their bad thing in groups…there are several tactics of multiple targets shooting priorities depending on distance, firearms involved, and other.
Advanced level
Holster draw
Next lesson after your CWP. How to draw handgun from your holster and hit the target with minimum efforts and high efficiency.
Use of cover
Protecting yourself in deadly firearms encounter you should properly use of cover to survive. There certain rules and recommendations how to do it in a right way.
Kneeling and prone shooting positions
Increase your ability to hit a target by knowing how to take and shoot from various levels.
Movement and stabilization
Today’s life is fast, and you should move to survive and hit, we will show you how to do it.
USPSA / IDPA introduction
It’s real life shooting sports, take part in numerous matches around your location, train, get skills and learn new from other shooters.
Low light shooting
FBI stats tells clearly that most of firearms encounters happening from dusk till dawn or in confined no light rooms. Be ready to operate in this harsh environment that even could be your living room full of intruders.
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9402 East Fowler Avenue Thonotosassa, Florida 33592
Mon. — Sat. 9 am – 9 pm
Sun 9 am – 7 pm